Best K Cup Coffee Filters


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The K-Cup which is a product of Keurig, is used in a single-serving coffee making system. It is usually a plastic container that has a coffee filter inside.

When brewing coffee powdered coffee beans are packed in the K-Cup and closed tightly with a lid made of plastic and foil. Then the K-Cup is placed in a Keurig brewer that punctures both the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup forcing hot water that is under pressure through the K-Cup and into a collecting container like a cup.

The best K cup coffee filter fit for you will depend on the taste of coffee you require and the amount of cash you are ready to part with.


There are various types of K cup filters that are used. These include my- cup, injected, K-Saver, K-Top and Foil Lids filters.

My-cup filter

This is a copious plastic lid that is inserted inside K-Cup that has been used, rinsed and filled with ground coffee. It is positioned down inside the brim of the used K-cup. It has a hole at the center to allow water to inject into it through.

Some of its benefits are: it is easy to use, it is reliable, it is durable and it is reusable.

However, they are expensive and if one doesn’t have the exact match of the brewing machine, and k-cup, you can experience leaks.

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Injected filter

In this type of filter the water getting though the K cup is injected down into the coffee, by redirecting the water down into the coffee.

Benefit associated with this filter is that the quality of coffee made is of a high quality.

However since it is too much mechanical, the coffee gets in contact with the materials like metal and rubber making the filter, which may tamper with the flavour of the coffee. Also it is difficult to clean and store.


K-Saver filter

It is made of a metal lid that fits on top of the K-Cup and has a center hole that is spring loaded so that the Keurig injector nozzle pushes it down to spray the water into the cup.

It is cheaper compared to the other filters and provides seals if in place on the K cup.

But the coffee’s flavour may be compromised since the filter is made of metal. Also one should be very careful since they don’t fit in most K cup that could result into leaking around the edges.

Solo fill Cup Filter

It comes in a cylindrical cup made of a shiny, cheap-feeling plastic with the top of a hinged lid that releases water into the coffee through vertical slits. Its design allows it to slide into the standard k-cup housing with the pins in the bottom.

It is easy to clean.

The vertical slits in the top seems to squirt more water past the coffee resulting to a much poor quality of coffee.

K-Top filter

This is usually a simple frivolous plastic lid that has a hole at the center. It is fitted on the top of a K-Cup inside the rim.

They are much less expensive and has an eye catching snap in design.
However the hole in the center is small hence water following is slowed down leading to a bit of time wastage. Also they don’t work very well with some Keurig systems.

Foil Lid filter

There are different versions of this filter. One uses a heat sensitive material that requires you to load your coffee in and then place an iron on the lid to seal it.

The other just gives you a pre-cut circle requires you to crimp it with your fingers.

Their main disadvantage is that they are usually not very easy to use.


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