Keurig K45 Elite Review 

Keurig K45 Elite Review

This Keurig K45 Elite review will help you answer all your questions and concerns regarding this fantastic Keurig coffee machine. The coffee industry is a billion-dollar sector with a vast array of companies all vying for your coffee dollar. While there is a plethora of different types of coffee makers in the market we are going to spend a few moments reviewing Keurig which is the dominant brand in the personal coffee making sector.

Items We Will Cover in this Keurig K45 Elite Review

We will look at the technical features and what makes this unit the top choice overall. Pricing is not something we will focus on since it can change dramatically from day to day.  You may be wondering what makes our Keurig K45 Elite Review the one you should trust. Our review is going to provide you with real world facts so you can make a better informed buying decision. We are not going to try and bias your opinion in any way so with that disclaimer out of the way we can start going deeper into the Keurig K45 Elite Review.

Benefits of Owning a Keurig

While there are many different appliances you could use to brew coffee from home the Keurig brand has become synonymous with coffee. Since this brand is arguably the most popular in the market there is a growing number of coffee manufacturers that are offering their specialized blends in Keurig compatible cups better known as “K Cups”.  These cups are prefilled with the perfect mix of coffee and ingredients to provide you with a cup of coffee that is comparable to what you would find in a high end coffee shop but from the comfort of your home. With these units you do not have to train to become a barista in order to enjoy the unit, if you can push a button you can brew a perfect cup of coffee each and every time you switch on your Keurig. This is one of the reasons this brand has become popular is the ease of use, open the lid and pop in your preferred flavor of K Cup.  Since Keurig is one of the best known organizations you should have no challenges locating a brand of coffee that will give you a jolt of energy in the morning.

Technical Specs Associated with the K45

We are going to look under the proverbial hood and find out what makes the K45 tick. The first thing that we will need to focus on is the sleek design, it will look great on any counter. Granted looks cannot be classified as a technical specification and is more of a feature your eyes are going to appreciate the subtle lines associated with this unit.  While the K45 is simple in design it has everything you need in all of the right places starting with the charcoal filter for the water. In order to have great tasting coffee you will need to have high quality water. The majority of urban water authorities use chlorine to treat their water which destroys harmful pathogens in the water but it will also have a negative impact on the quality of your water. Keurig is fully aware of this and will provide a charcoal filter which will remove the bulk of these pathogens from the water, the net benefit to you is a great tasting cup of coffee.  These filters will need to be changed from time to time but it is a small inconvenience if you want to have great tasting water.

Keurig K45 Elite Review

  • Fully Automatic- This means you can program the unit to start brewing coffee first thing in the morning, you will have extra time to sleep in knowing your coffee is being steeped just the way you like it.
  • Quiet Brewing Technology- With this feature you will have a much quieter coffee brewing experience. In the past there were units that would wake up the household with the sound of water being filtered then boiled. With the K45 Elite you will be impressed by how quiet the unit is whether you are brewing 1 or 100 cups in a day the performance is whisper quiet.
  • Can Handle 6oz,8oz, and 10oz cup sizes so you never have to worry whether the K Cups you are purchasing will work with the unit.
  • Lightweight – Only weighs 12 pounds when empty, there are heavier units that cannot keep up with the K45 Elite.
  • Energy Efficient- The unit has an “auto-off” feature so it is only using electricity when you want to make a great tasting cup of coffee.

Probably the Last Coffee Maker You Will Need

The majority of coffee lovers will receive a coffee maker from a loved one during the holidays but while conducting the Keurig K45 Elite Review we did not find anything lacking in this model. This could literally be the last coffee maker you will need, granted you may be tempted to purchase a new version of the same model as the years go by but that is a matter of personal preference more than necessity.

Finding the Best Priced K45 Elite

While conducting the Keurig K45 Elite Review we wanted to provide you with suggestions on how to get the best possible pricing. You may come across local merchants that have the K45 Elite in stock but the prices they are going to charge you will be dramatically more than what you would pay online. These brick and mortar retailers have a higher cost of doing business than what online vendors have and these higher costs are passed on to you the consumer.

You may be thinking why don’t I just purchase it directly from Keurig and you could but you will not save much money. There are online retailers that can offer you these units at substantially lower prices than what you would pay Keurig directly. The reason these vendors are able to provide you with such meaningful discounts is they purchase these units in large quantities, by purchasing in large amounts the individual price per unit is drastically reduced commander du cialis pas cher. Now that you know why these units can be sold by 3rd parties at lower prices you should only buy brand new. While previously owned units may work fine it is usually not worth the hassle so make it a high priority to only purchase new units.

Find out where the vendor is registered to do business and if they are based overseas do not deal with them. The Keurig units they are selling may not be compatible with your electrical system so keep that in mind. After you have refined your list of prospective merchants to only those here in North America you should read the feedback made by people who purchased their K45 Elite from the same vendor you are currently assessing. There are no organizations out there with a perfect reputation, try to target merchants with the largest number of positive reviews from former clients. Once you have established which of these vendors have the best reputation you have to compare the prices that are being charged. You can purchase the K45 Elite on Amazon for just $115.00.

Things to be Aware of When Comparing K45 Elite Prices

There are a few things you need to be aware of when comparing K45 Elite prices. What some merchants will do is use a low price to grab your attention but when you go to the checkout to make the final payment they will overcharge you for shipping. Most people do not mind paying a reasonable amount of money for shipping but some vendors push their luck with the hopes of padding their profit. To determine whether the price being quoted is actually a good deal you will need to get the “total” cost of the K45 Elite factoring in shipping and any sales tax. Aside from the cost of the Keurig K45 Elite there are additional features you need to take into consideration like the 30-day warranty which comes standard, there will be vendors that offer an extended warranty. This is a matter of personal preference, Keurig has a great reputation when it comes to quality and reliability. Another benefit that some merchants use to try and entice you is giving you 12 free K cups of whatever flavor you prefer. What a great way to take your new K45 Elite for a “test drive” by using the free K cups offered by the merchant. As you can see this comprehensive Keurig K45 Elite Review provides you with all of the information you need to make a truly informed buying decision. If you are in the market for a new coffee maker or want to give one as a gift you really can’t go wrong with the K45 Elite. This unit is going destined to be one of the most iconic coffee makers of the early 21st century, just be sure to shop around so you get the best possible pricing.

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