Ultimate Guide to the Best Keurig Flavors 

Best Keurig Flavors

Deciding on the best Keurig flavors can be difficult because Keurig has 500 flavors of pods from 75 different brands.  The method most people resolve to when choosing their flavors is by going in blind and finding a coffee they love trial-and-error.  This is an extremely adventurous method but can be costly if you end up with a bunch of coffee flavors that you don’t like at all.  A great way to start your coffee drinking hobby is by doing proper research on the best Keurig flavors so you can find the correct equipment and invest in the right coffee pods right from the start and save yourself disappointment and money.

The Best Keurig Flavors is not just for Coffee Lovers

Keurig may have a lot of coffee recipes and brands but they do not just cater for coffee lovers.  Tea lovers can also find the healthiest and best tea flavors and brew it in their coffee brewer.  Those who do not like coffee and tea will absolutely love all the hot chocolate flavors that they can enjoy on chilly days.

The Best Keurig Coffee Flavors

There is a reason that some flavors and brands are more popular than others.  It is often because these particular flavors are exceptionally delicious that everyone enjoys it where some flavors are a bit singular and cater to only certain tastes.  If you have trouble selecting the best Keurig flavors then you could focus on the top selling coffee pods so you won’t be disappointed in your coffee investment.


The San Francisco Bay One Cup French Roast

San Francisco Bay KcupThe San Francisco Bay One Cup French Roast is one of the most popular Keurig coffee flavors because it provides coffee lovers with an intensive smoky coffee.  It may not be a K Cup but is compatible with Keurig K Cup brewers and can also be used in other single serve brewers.  This dark roasted coffee was grown in Central and South America. On Amazon you can buy 120 French Roast k cup for only $42.00.

The Original Donut Shop Regular
The Original Donut Shop Regular is a perfect all time coffee because it provides you with a fresh, bold and simple flavor.  This flavor is described as a cup full of happiness and offers a full-bodied and bold flavor.  It is a medium roast coffee and you can buy it in bulk packs to ensure you have a surplus of this fantastic recipe. You can get the 72 Original Donut Shop K cups on Amazon for under $38.00.

The San Francisco Bay One Cup Fog Chaser

Best Keurig flavorsThe San Francisco Bay One Cup Fog Chaser will Boost your mornings with this full bodied and well balanced coffee.  It is absolutely delicious and a perfect way to kick-start early dawn mornings. The coffee is mild enough to be delicious but strong enough to wake your slumbering mind. You can get 120 K cups for $44.00 on Amazon, which is only $0.34 per K cup.


Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

The Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend coffee is a perfect addition to your breakfast.  It is delicious, bright and vibrant but not too bold to dominate your taste for food.  It is one of the most popular blends of coffee and it may be a morning coffee but if you absolutely love it, you can enjoy it all day. On Amazon, you can get 96 k cups for under $58.00.

Eight O’clock Coffee the Original

The Eight O’clock Coffee is a great way to start your day.  It offers a sweet and fruity flavor and is also one of the most popular coffees.  It is a medium roast coffee which means you can drink an abundance of this coffee without being overdosed with caffeine. You can buy 72 of these for $35 on Amazon.

The Best Keurig Tea Flavors

Not everyone likes coffee and even the most hard core coffee drinkers do enjoy the occasional cup of tea to benefit their health.  Tea contains far less caffeine levels for a healthier lifestyle and has great health benefits because it maintains your bodies’ digestive system.  There aren’t as many Keurig tea flavors as coffee but tea’s popularity is rising more and more each day and there might be an abundance of tea flavors available sooner than you think. Some of the most loved tea flavors are;

Twinings English breakfast Tea

This fantastic tea provides you with a rich black tea with a robust taste.  You can enjoy this fantastic tea with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened depending on your health needs.  Twinings teas have been on the market for over 300 years and are still just as high in demand as it used to be. For only $12 you can get 24 k cups on Amazon.


Twinings Green Tea

Green tea is known to be the healthiest tea that you can find.  The Twinings Green Tea has benefits like brain stimulation, fat burning, reduced cancer risks and much more.  Twinings green tea is a soothing and refreshing tea and is delicate in flavor and light gold in color.  It is much smoother than most green teas and will calm your senses.

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey tea has been rumored to improve and maintain your completion for a much slower and more elegant aging process.  If you want to age well, then this is the tea to drink every day.  Twinings earl grey tea is a fine black tea that is light in aroma and scented with bergamot citrus fruit. You can buy 24 kcups for just under $12.00 on Amazon.


The Best Keurig Hot Chocolate flavors

Everyone loves hot chocolate, especially on cold days when it is difficult to stick your nose out of the door or on special evenings where everyone is cuddled up together for a bit of family time.  Hot chocolate is much healthier for kids than coffee and is a great alternative for those who aren’t crazy about coffee or tea.  With Keurig’s flavors you can brew nonfattening hog chocolates at your home.


Grove Square Hot Cocoa Milk Chocolate

This hot cocoa is creamy smooth and is perfect for any time of the day or night.  Pod hot cocoa is so easy to prepare with the help of a coffee brewer and much healthier since you will take in far less milk because the smooth blend makes up for milk’s smoothness. You can grab 50 k cups for under $19.00 on Amazon.


Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

The Swiss Miss Milk is one of the most popular cocoa products because it is made with great care. It contains real milk that is dried and blended with imported cocoa.  Kids absolutely adore the rich and delicious flavor and the coffee brewer makes for easy to create hot chocolate. For under $40.00 you can get 48 kcups on Amazon.

Café Escapes Hot Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Those who love dark chocolate will absolutely love this Cafe Escapes hot chocolate flavor.  You can enjoy more of this hot chocolate without any health factors because it is trans-fat and gluten free and is mixed with natural and artificial flavors.  The hot chocolate is the perfect solution if you want to spoil yourself after a tough day.  The K Cup is easy to use in Keurig brewers so you can relax while your hog cocoa brews to perfection. On Amazon, you can buy 48 Kcups for $40.00.


Still Unsure of What to Try

If you are still unsure of the best Keurig flavors to stock up your K cup storage unit or if you are one of those people who likes a surprise in each cup and likes to try new things constantly then you should consider a Keurig variety pack.  You may not like every flavor the variety packs hold but you can rest assure knowing that each one of these pods contain the best and highest quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate mixes.  It is a great way to find the best flavors of coffee and or to keep things interesting by providing you with a different cup each time.


This variety pack holds 40 different coffees.  It is the perfect way to start your coffee browsing and tasting expedition if you are new to the Keurig flavors.  You will be able to sample 40 different flavors and determine which ones you absolutely love and which flavors you will definitely not be investing in.  These flavor packs contains flavors of different companies and brands so you can establish a more affordable brand to build your long term coffee habits.   You will never get stuck with too much of a coffee flavor that you don’t like.

Another option, is to get this  K-cup variety sampler pack, which is the perfect starter pack for those who want to sample teas, coffees, hot chocolates and cappuccinos.  In these packs you will find only the best brands of coffee and you can sample a lot more variety than coffee packs contain.  All flavors come in pods which are compatible with your Keurig brewer so you can enjoy the same functionality for coffee as well as tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino.  The variety pack contains 30 pods of which 7 are coffee, 6 tea, 6 cider, 6 chocolate mixes and 5 cappuccino flavors.  The most popular coffee flavors are Caribou coffee, coffee people donut shop and Emeril’s big easy coffee flavors.  You can find the healthiest tea like Bigelow Earl Grey, Celestial Seasoning and Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea.  Ciders consists of Grove square Caramel apple and Grove square spiced apple.  Hot chocolate flavors like Café Escapes Milk Chocolate and Grove Square Dark Chocolate.  The pack also contains the most interesting cappuccino flavors like Grove Square Pumpkin spice and Grove Square hazelnut cappuccino flavors.

Best Keurig Flavors

The most important thing to remember when starting your Keurig coffee bar

Brewer – To prevent disappointing, it is important to invest in a good quality coffee brewer.  If you are looking for a brewer that is for yourself only then a small brewer could be far more satisfactory than a large one since it takes up far less storage space. If there are a lot of people who love coffee then it might be wise to invest in a bigger model so the cleaning and water maintenance will be minimalized.

Coffee pods – Always ensure that the pods you buy are compatible with your coffee brewer.  It would be a terrible waste if your coffee pods do not fit in the brewer.

Replacement parts – A lot of Keurig brewers have re-usable replacement parts that will save you money on filter bags.  It could be wise to invest in the best quality re-usable replacement parts to ensure you never run out of accessories for your coffee making process.

Coffee flavors – Don’t get disappointed if you don’t find a coffee you love at the first cup.  People have a large variety of tastes and K Cup coffee is specially designed to singular these tastes out so each person will find the coffee they love the most.  Instead of buying large amounts of the same coffee, try buying variety packs until you’re sure that you absolutely love a certain flavor.


A coffee bar for a better coffee experience

To make the most out of your coffee experience, you should invest in a proper coffee bar.  Having coffee pods lying around and scattering your coffee utensils over the kitchen can diminish your coffee experience.  Your coffee bar does not have to be too large.  It can be small, yet stylish and you can create it by following these steps;

Brewer – Find a quality Keurig brewer that suits your singular or multitude coffee brewing needs. The best one one the market today is the Keurig K45, read more about it here.

K Cup holder – There are some fantastic K Cup drawers and carousels to contain all your pods and organize your work area.

Organizer – Get an organizer to hold your cups, sugar, milk, powdered milk and stirrers so your coffee bar will look organized and so your coffee making experience will be far better.

Glass is good – Glass mugs will provide you with the best tasting coffee and will put you in a far more chillaxed mood than Styrofoam cups will.  It could be worth the extra effort to find a set of beautiful coffee mugs to suit your bar.

Signage – what is a coffee bar without a bit of décor?  You can make your coffee bar’s signage yourself or invest in a bit of vintage artwork to help the little haven stand out a bit.


The flavor of your coffee plays a huge role in the mood of your day and your coffee experience.  Find a coffee that you can drink all day and stock up on it.  You should also enjoy a bit of variety now and then and get some teas to boost your health and some hot chocolates to calm your senses after a hard day at the office.

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