Buying The Right Suspension Parts For Your Car

It may seem like an obviously statement, to buy the right suspension parts, but as these components tend not to fail very often, mistakes can be made.

Any car’s suspension needs to be robust, with the exception of the tyres, it is the only thing between a comfortable ride and a safe one. The steering for example in an integral part of the suspension, wheels need to turn and go up and down at the same time. So repairing any suspension system, has to right not just for comfort but for safety too which means buying the cheapest suspension parts may not always be the best option.

So lets start at the beginning, Accident Or Usage

Are you replacing suspension parts because of accident damage or high usage? It does make a difference, especially if your car is not that old and has a long life to go. In this instance considering only using genuine parts form a dealer ship or OEM versions should be the way to. You can still buy these off eBay and other outlets but make check they are the genuine parts.

With an older car that is worth less, it may not be cost effective to get genuine parts and in this case, aftermarket may be the way to go, or used in some cases. However, there are some suspension parts that should never be purchased as used, these include suspension bushes, ball joints and rear shock absorbers. The truth is, you can often buy aftermarket versions of these cheaper than used from a breakers yard anyway.

Larger more robust items like form suspension struts, springs and steering racks can often be bought reconditioned or used, from eBay or breakers yards and will be suitable for many years of driving.

Using A Garage Or Going Yourself?

Of course the above is all considering that you are doing the suspension repair project yourself, when using a garage they may have their own non-negotiable opinion of where parts should be sourced, as their reputation may depend on that decision. Doing some research should help you decide whether it is better for a garage to do your suspension work for you, bearing in mind sometimes specialist tools are needed and with front suspension, tracking and other measurements need to be adjusted.

If you are doing it yourself, then with the right suspension parts in hand, you should consider how you are going to work, with safety as your primary concern. It is obvious, that the vehicle will need to be jacked up and then supported correctly with axle stands, lift or similar. Never do suspension work with jacks alone, many people have died of suffered horrendous injuries doing just that.

The good news is aftermarket suspension part are much better than they used to be and the days where you needed to hit the part a bit harder with a hammer have gone. Always replace the bushes even if they are in good condition as chances are the part you are replacing will last longer than the rubber bushes and it will save a job in later years, maybe for the rest of the vehicle s life.

Instructions can come from the many youtube videos and online sources that are available. Haynes manuals are used less these days. With a video you can see, the relevant bolts and suspension parts being removed and exchanged, so the understanding is clearer.

Suspension Part Availability

Well of course that depends on the make and model of the vehicle, but unless the vehicle is an import or a rare classic, most suspension parts are available from major retailers, such as Eurocarparts, Carpartsforless and as mention Ebay. Remember Ebay, is not just an auction site but the shop window for many auto parts factors.