How to Undergo London Motorcycle Training

There is hardly any doubt that motorcycle drivers are more prone to injuries because of accidents than drivers of other vehicles are. However, one can reduce these risks along with insurance costs for new drivers of motorcycles largely by taking adequate motorcycle training before driving on the roads. In addition to established results concerning increased ability and safety motorcycle training courses offers defensive driving tactics and safety skills, which could improve the experience of motorcycle driving by a significant extent.

Motorcycle Training

Whether you are new to motorcycles or an existing driver of motorcycles intending to update and refresh your driving skills, opt for motorcycle training by a company licensed by MCIAC and accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

London Motorcycle Training

The London Motorcycle Training company provides their safety and educational services at a rational cost for citizens of London who desire to take motorcycle training, with a pliant pay-as-you-go payment scheme.

Motorcycle Training Preparations and Options

You can reserve your Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT) for a price between £99 and £129. To enrol for the course you require a valid EU driver’s license or a UK driving license, registered with DVLA. You will need to include a photo ID if you have an older driver’s license that has no photo. You also need to have an elementary knowledge of riding a motorcycle and knowledge of the highway code. If you have no prior motorcycle driving experience, you have the option of doing CBT training on a motorised scooter.

Your next step is to book a motorcycle theory test, which you can do at a DVSA centre. You can prepare yourself for the test by undertaking practice questions, available on numerous websites.

Basic Training

Book for two days of training at the rate of £175 per day after you have completed the CBT training and theory test. Drivers can consult with their instructor once they have completed their training, whether they require more training or if they are ready for the practical test.

Practical Tests

The practical road tests comprises of two modules. In Module 1, you will have to successfully complete the off-road element, which features emergency stop as well as swerve and in Module 2 you will have to complete the traditional on-road driving test.

Many people who have finished motorcycle-driving courses via London Motorcycle Training said that they enjoyed the experience of learning the course under the guidance of a friendly instructor who helped them throughout the procedure. If you are fascinated in learning motorcycle training, do not wait any longer and contact London Motorcycle Training to get started today.

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